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Bulkhead door with Blender, part 1

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Image showing on the left an open bulkhead door from the movie Alien, on the right Ron Cobb's sketch.

On my way learning 3D with Blender I try to recreate a bulkhead door from the Alien universe as drawn by the amazing Ron Cobb.

I started learning 3D

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Two examples of my Blender studies with light, simple forms and colors.

Going through many tutorials and creating some small experiments on my own, I started learning 3D with Blender, and I'm in love with it.

Cassette Futurism

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A technological aesthetic reminiscent of late 1960s to early 1980s tech (regardless of the real time setting of the media) as codified by early microcomputers ...

—TV Tropes, Cassette Futurism

My blog

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What to expect here? Development related articles and projects, 3D, games, keyboards, or whatever I want to try out next.