Martin Helmut Fieber

I write code for a living, love books, try writing, 3D and a bit of game dev as a hobby.

Also a dad, Senior Tools Developer @King, part-time project maintainer at Github and sometimes visible on Twitter.

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Bulkhead door with Blender, part 1

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Image showing on the left an open bulkhead door from the movie Alien, on the right Ron Cobb's sketch.

On my way learning 3D with Blender I try to recreate a bulkhead door from the Alien universe as drawn by the amazing Ron Cobb.

I started learning 3D

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Two examples of my Blender studies with light, simple forms and colors.

Going through many tutorials and creating some small experiments on my own, I started learning 3D with Blender, and I'm in love with it.

Github Projects


"Krieselreihe" is the name I do all my hobby game development under. While doing this, a set of tools emerged e.g. Litr and Natr, located under this namespace.

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Generate repeatable pseudo random numbers and non-cryptographic hash numbers for usage in Node.js and browser environments.

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