Martin Helmut Fieber

I write code for a living, love books, gaming, try writing, 3D and a bit of game dev as a hobby.

Also a dad, Senior Tools Developer @King, part-time project maintainer at Github and sometimes visible on Twitter.

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Website style guide

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This post will showcase all available website components, how they are defined with CSS and HTML, and finally used to create this website. Also, a bit about what I thought creating them.

Goodbye snake, I go to the moon

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Showing the Visual Studio Code editor with an open Lua test file in the middle and the project setup with different files on the left.

Being more and more frustrated with Python, Lua became my go-to alternative for scripts, tools and application extensions. This article will show how I set up and use Lua.

GUI Development with C++, SDL2, and Dear ImGui

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The final application that will be built in this post.

Always being overwhelmed creating GUI applications in C++, I finally found a way that works pretty well for me. That opinionated way will be shown in this post.

Github Projects


"Krieselreihe" is the name I do all my hobby game development under. While doing this, a set of tools emerged e.g. Litr and Natr, located under this namespace.

Website | Visit project page


Generate repeatable pseudo random numbers and non-cryptographic hash numbers for usage in Node.js and browser environments.

Visit project page | Documentation