Martin Helmut Fieber

I write code for a living, love books, gaming, try writing, 3D, and a bit of game dev as a hobby.

Also a dad, Senior Tools Developer @King, part-time project maintainer at Github, and sometimes visible on social media.

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TAP — Test Anything Protocol

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What is TAP and why do I love using it? I'll tell, and show how to emit and consume it in different setups and languages, like C++, Lua, JavaScript, or even PostgreSQL.

Building awesome internal tools

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A screenshot of the start screen one of my internal tools to manage content on my websites. The design is my own retro-pixel UI I love looking at; a dark base with bright blue, red, and green accents.

Internal tools often don't get the love and care they deserve. Here I'll share 13 general guidelines to build better internal tools that helped me in the past.

Github Projects


"Krieselreihe" is the name I do all my hobby game development under. While doing this, a set of tools emerged e.g. Litr and Natr, located under this namespace.

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Generate repeatable pseudo random numbers and non-cryptographic hash numbers for usage in Node.js and browser environments.

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