Martin Helmut Fieber

I write code for a living, love books, gaming, try writing, 3D, and do a bit of game development as a hobby.

Also, a dad, Senior Tools Developer @King, part-time project maintainer at GitHub, and sometimes visible on social media.

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A TL;DR about CMake Presets

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In my never-ending quest to master CMake, I developed a few opinions on how I wanted my projects to work and finally looked at "CMake Presets", which I had already heard much about.

To create a world from scratch …

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A dark planet's surface with an overcasting moon. The landscape is rough, with sharp-edged stone formations in dark brown, gray, and black, partially covered by something that looks like snow but is actually ash. Some of those ash flakes are still in the air.

For a while now, I've been building my own fictional, retro-futuristic sci-fi world called Alsafi, also known as Sigma Draconis. Here I tell what it is, why I'm doing it, and what comes next.

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How to test your Lua

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Showing a VSCode window in dark mode, a Lua file open with showing test code written with LuaUnit. A sidebar on the left, showing the project files that get built in this part of the series.

Besides quick iterations on the command-line, having a test suite for Lua will be crucial for any serious project. This article will also cover mocking and a continuous integration setup.

Weekly 3D challenge, first results

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Image showing three things I created. From left to right: a retro lamp suitable for space travel, yet another sci-fi door, both created via Blender, and a ground mud texture created in Substance Designer.

To really get better at 3D creation, I will challenge myself to create something every week for a year. Six weeks in, I'm positive for what's to come, and this article will show what I've got so far.

GitHub Projects

GUI project template with SDL2

C++ GUI project template with SDL2 and Dear ImGUI via CMake. Includes creating distribution packages with CPack for macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Visit project page | User Guide


"Krieselreihe" is the name under I do all my hobby game-dev. While doing this, a set of tools emerged e.g. Litr and Natr, located under this namespace.

Website | Visit project page


Generate repeatable pseudo random numbers and non-cryptographic hash numbers with JavaScript for usage in Node.js and browser environments.

Visit project page | Documentation