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What content can be read?

Development related articles and projects, 3D and art, games, keyboards, or whatever I try out next. This is going to be a mix of topics, mainly as a knowledge base for myself. So everything from small things I learned, C++, web tech, projects I am working on, ideas, tutorials, hobbies, you name it.

What fancy tech do I use?

HTML and CSS. That's it. Not because I do not like static site generators or the next good web framework, but rather because the scope of this website is tiny. It's a landing page with an intro and some projects, and a blog with n-entries, some pictures, that is it.

You can right-click anywhere to "view page sources" and actually read it. Or look at the style.css and read through that, it's not that long. Though, you will find a little bit of JavaScript for the privacy-friendly analytics. You can read more about it under my privacy notice page or even have a look at the public dashboard of this website. The best thing with this: there are no cookies or pop-up banners.

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