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I started learning 3D

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Going through tutorials

One day I thought, "Why not learn some 3D art?", and Blender was the open-source program of my choice. To get myself started, I decided to work through a bunch of tutorials, the first one being the famous donut tutorial. Here is my attempt after I went through all that was available in the playlist:

A 3D donut and coffee glass I made in Blender are on a table in front of a stone wall.
My result from the donut tutorial.

Next, I tried myself on a chair tutorial and photo-realism. The result, as seen below, really hooked me on the whole 3D thing.

A wood chair I made in Blender on a green background.
The Søborg chair I created based on the tutorial.

Overestimating myself

After doing those tutorials, I thought immediately, "I can tackle a bigger project". Why not an Alien inspired spaceship interior? I love the Cassette Futurism seen in the movie, the aesthetics, and the grounded feel of it all. I opened a new Blender file and …

Nope. This is not happening; this is nothing I can tackle yet.

Being realistic

After reconsidering my skills and lowering them a lot, I came up with some new ideas I can work on. Learning light, creating small studies with abstract forms and some pleasing colors — baby steps, so to speak (even though I still want to create the spaceship one day). Here are some of those studies I made with the best of my knowledge and skill:

Shapes and forms I made to learn about light in Blender.
Some light tests I did to learn Blender. For some of those I used the amazing plugin Random Flow by Blender Guppy.

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