Martin Helmut Fieber

Series: Ron Cobb's bulkhead door in Blender

Learning 3D I wanted to take on a project going from Blenders default cube to a game ready asset. Creating the high and low-poly mesh, UV unwrapping, baking, texturing, rigging, animating, adding sound, and finally having it presentable in a game engine.

This series of articles is my journey doing this, recreating Ron Cobb's bulkhead door he sketched for the movie Alien (1979).

Part 3: Rigging + animation

Coming soon

Having the bulkhead door modeled and textured, I only have static images so far. It's time for rigging and animating the door, adding life to it in a complete environment.

Part 4: Showcase in Game Engine

Need to wait a bit longer

Part 5: Sound + Final result

Will take a while

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